Courageous Conversations Toward Racial Justice

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 Courageous Conversations Toward Racial Justice is a monthly series of dialogue-centered programs on racism and privilege designed to address racial healing and justice in our community.

Each month the Courageous Conversations leadership team, in partnership with the Milton Interfaith Clergy Association, brings together a diverse group of people representing a wide array of life experiences, circumstances, and choices.

All events are open to the public. Anyone can attend a meeting whether or not they have attended in the past. To receive e-mail reminders of upcoming events, you are welcome to join our newsletter listFor more information, visit our website at

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 Mission Statement

We believe that racism impacts all of us and operates in our community, country, and world on a personal and systemic level. Through a monthly series of dialogues on race and privilege we hope to build a movement in which we hold ourselves and one another accountable to understanding, interrupting, and ending systems of white supremacy and racism. We believe this movement will be fostered through the hard work of personal transformation in an individual, interpersonal, and communal context.    

Theory of Change

Deep, authentic community is formed when we recognize our shared humanity through a commitment to dismantling systems of power in which some lives are systematically valued and protected above others. We believe that within such a community we  can build mutually respectful, trusting relationships through which we will work together to take moral action toward dismantling racism in our lives, families, homes, and communities.

The Courageous Conversations Toward Racial Justice program was created on the principle that racism impacts all of us. We recognize that understanding, interrupting, and dismantling internal and external racism is lifelong work and cannot just be achieved by a series of seminars.

Interpersonal: Engagement with and relationships with people across various lines of difference is an essential element of this work. As we come to know one another we will recognize the inherent dignity within each of us, find common ground, and learn from one another in trusting, authentic community.

Communal: We have a duty to understand how racism operates in our own communities and how we can leverage our skills, talents and vision to address inequality on the communal level. The more we become aware of the systems that oppress people, the more we are able to cooperatively dismantle them. 

Courageous Conversations Leadership Team

Rev. Rachael Pettengill-Rasure Church of Our Saviour, Milton   

Karen Groce-HoranChurch of Our Saviour, Milton

Rev. Hall Kirkham St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Milton  

Rev. Jennifer McCrackenSt. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Milton

Janette Briceno – Church of Christ, Milton

Brandon Newsome Church of Christ, Milton

Rev. Lisa WardFirst Parish Milton

Debbie AlsebaiFirst Parish Milton  

Betsy DisharoonFirst Congregational Church, Milton

Rev. Zenetta ArmstrongChurch of the Holy Spirit, Mattapan  

Annette CorreiaParkway United Methodist Church